THANK YOU for all of your support!  We are so honored to be named the winner for the most loved fitness program in the 2015 Macaroni Kid Snoqualmie Valley & Issaquah GOLD DAISY AWARDS!

About Mommy's Fit Zone

Our classes are effective and efficient

  • Exercise after pregnancy and birth helps you return to your pre-pregnancy shape and gives you increased energy to cope with the demands of motherhood.
  • We carefully design and develop each class using methods that have been researched extensively and give RESULTS!
  • Classes are designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat and strengthen your muscles.
  • Each class involves multijoint and multimuscle movements to ensure a challenging, functional and efficient workout.
  • We use different methods of exercise to keep things fresh and exciting.

Build community

  • Your body doesn’t stop changing after baby arrives, we are all in it together.  You will be surrounded by other inspiring women working towards similar goals.
  • Getting fit and working out is way more fun when you’re doing it with friends!
  • We are here to have fun together and get healthier with the support of moms like you!


Bring your child to class

  • You don't have to worry about child care or spend the extra money for quality childcare to get a great workout.
  • Children get to interact with one another, learn social skills and have fun.
  • You are teaching your children the importance of having a fit and healthy lifestyle.



Thearany Khy, Owner of Mommy's Fit Zone

Thearany is the owner of Mommy’s Fit Zone and a mother to three very energetic little ones!  It wasn’t until after the birth of Thearany’s first child did she realize her passion for being fit and healthy had such a huge impact on her overall well-being.  Staying fit and eating nutritiously gave her the energy to keep up with the demands of having three young kids and also helps her be her best for her family and friends. 

After several unsuccessful attempts at putting her children in the childcare center at her local gym, she realized the only way to get a workout would be to exercise WITH her children.  Thearany knew she wasn’t the only mother that had the issue of finding time to exercise, without sacrificing time with her children or paying an enormous amount for quality childcare, that is when Mommy’s Fit Zone was born.  Thearany believes in enriching the lives of mothers and their children through fun, effective and collaborative fitness classes.  She believes exercising enriches the soul which translates into everything that they do and helps them be their best for their family and friends.  Her goal is to help as many moms get that energy back and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Thearany is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist.  Prior to becoming a fitness professional, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Washington in Seattle.  From there, she worked in merchandising and production at Nordstrom for 7 years prior to making the life changing decision to leave it all behind and become a full time mom and pursue her passion in health and fitness.